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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in Georgetown, Texas

While it increases a building’s value long-term, roofing in Georgetown can be daunting and expensive. But the right contractor can do high-quality repairs at an affordable price.

But how do you know which roofing contractor in Georgetown, Texas, will give you the best deal, especially when they all claim to offer great service?

Here are seven tips to keep in mind when searching for the best roofing companies in Georgetown TX.

1. Ask for Referrals for Roofing in Georgetown

Word of mouth referrals from family, friends, or colleagues who’ve recently done roofing in Georgetown can help you find the right match. As these people have worked directly with a contractor, they’ll know first-hand if they’re worth their salt.

With a contractor who is known in the community, you’ll find out quickly if their work and ethic is good. Locals are also experts in your region's zoning and building regulations too.

By selecting local roofers in Georgetown, Texas, you’ll also give a boost to your area’s economy.

2. Look at Work Portfolios

With roofing in Georgetown, seeing is believing. Before hiring a contractor, ask to see a portfolio of their previous work. If possible, go look at the building in person and chat with the owner about their experience with that contractor.

You can also check reviews for roofers in Georgetown, Texas online.

3. Check the Paperwork

Roofing in Georgetown is dangerous work, and your contractor should always adhere to strict safety protocols. So, it’s essential to check the contractor you hire is fully qualified, certified, licensed, and insured.

Ask them for their accreditations and insurance documents. Top contractors typically have insurance that covers all their employees. They should be registered with the RCAT.

If you don’t feel confident your researched roofing companies in Georgetown TX have these in place, keep looking.

4. Cheapest isn’t Best

While you may be on a budget, hiring the cheapest roofers in Georgetown, Texas, is usually a mistake. If it seems too cheap, it probably is. Make sure you get at least three quotes and choose the middle-range one. Low rates could indicate poor-quality materials.

5. Check Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scores

Checking the BBB ratings for roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, can help you find the right one. This platform rates the trustworthiness of a company and reports any scams or fraud. Most reputable contractors will have a BBB score. It’s typically a bad sign if roofers in Georgetown, Texas, don’t feature BBB approval on their site.

6. Select a Contractor for your Individual Needs

When researching, take into account the type of work you need and look for contractors that specialize in it. For example, hiring metal roofing specialists may not yield the desired results if you need asphalt shingles. So, be sure to check what roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, are known for.

7. Get it in Writing

Once you’ve found one of the top roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, sign a work agreement. This should include job details and financials. If you’re financing rather than paying cash, this will be necessary for your loan specs. If any problems arise, then everyone has the paperwork to refer to.

Ensure you and your roofers in Georgetown, Texas, understand all aspects of the agreement before signing.


When looking for roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, the most crucial things to consider are:

• Insurance

• Licensing and safety

• Local referrals

• Checking BBB scores

• Inspecting portfolios

• Using an agreement

By considering these factors, you're more likely to find a contractor that will do a high-quality job and respect your budget.

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