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Is your Roof Leaking in Georgetown TX?

What is the Most Common Cause of Roof Leaks in Georgetown TX?

Roof leaks can cause a lot of stress for homeowners. Not only are they expensive, but these repairs can be inconvenient. Roofers in Georgetown, TX, will tell you that the key to preventing a roofing crisis is knowing what caused the damage in the first place. Let's take a look at the five main reasons.

Wear and tear on roof due to weather in Georgetown TX
Why do I need a roof inspection in Georgetown TX

1. Weather

Of course, roofing in Georgetown, TX, can be damaged by exposure to the elements. Even if it doesn't rain often, water can build up over time and cause ponding. Professional roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, most commonly see the damage caused by intense, prolonged periods of heat and sun. This degrades the roofing material over time, causing weak spots that make your home more vulnerable to damage and causing your roof to leak in Georgetown TX.

2. Rooftop Equipment

Roofing in Georgetown, TX, can also become damaged because of wear and tear on rooftop equipment. Exhaust fans and heavy HVAC units may have missing screws, and this imbalance can affect the whole structure.

Roofers in Georgetown, Texas, have also seen gaskets and washers develop dry rot, which can leak during heavy rain. Since this equipment isn't waterproof, this is where the damage can start.

3. Neglect

Of course, ignoring your roof and not scheduling a routine inspection with roofers in Georgetown, TX, can lead to costly repairs. Roofers in Georgetown, TX, can pinpoint any weak spots or damaged materials during routine inspections before they develop into a much larger problem.

Even the smallest issues can result in needing to re-roof your home or even require structural work. By sticking to an annual schedule for roof inspections, you'll be able to fix issues while they are still small and relatively inexpensive.

4. Weak Seams

According to professional roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, every roof has seams. This is where your roof membrane is either mechanically attached or attached using an adhesive. They are usually the first place you'll notice damage since the caulking material used can crack or dry out. This allows water to seep in under the membrane, causing direct damage.

When you enlist the help of roofers in Georgetown, Texas, they will be able to inspect the areas that are more likely to see this type of damage, including along the roof edge, flashing and pipes.

5. People

Occasionally, walking on your roof to check for major damage or remove debris is acceptable, but roofs are not made for frequent foot traffic. Roofing companies in Georgetown, TX, note that human error is a common cause of damage involving things like dropped tools or mishandled parts. This is especially true around equipment like HVAC units or similar systems since the roof membrane is usually weakest at this point.

Final Thoughts

It might seem scary that so many things can cause damage to your roof, but you don't need to worry! All you need to do is contact your local professional roofers in Georgetown, Texas, to conduct routine, thorough inspections. Book your inspection today and keep your roof healthy!

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